Isn’t That Nice? by Jan Jalenak


            He knew who he was. He knew what he wanted. He knew he could have what he wanted. He loved life.

            His sister was confused. She knew what she wanted and thought that maybe someday she’d have it but someday what she wanted kept changing, because she kept changing. As she went through her life, she grew to accept so many other things, because they were tangible and transient, temporary, even though down deep they weren’t what she really wanted.  She grew to appreciate the world as it entered her existence. She loved life.

            He was given a football. He was taught to throw the football and given encouragement for his ability. He was told he was special.

            She learned to throw the football. They told her she was cute because she knew how to throw a football. She thanked them and giggled because they seemed to like it when she giggled.

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